CAM HUNTERS is a collaborative art/media performance and research-creation project between artists Julia Chan and STÉFY. Cam Hunters seeks to reveal and interrogate the increasing presence of surveillance, in all its forms, in our lives. We do this through a range of projects, such as performances, creating satirical videos, recording a podcast, and offering critical tools. We are available for consultations, performances, and exhibitions.



Voyeur Cam Specialist: Julia Chan

Julia is an academic, writer, and artist living in Toronto. Her work is broadly concerned with sexualized surveillance, image-based sexual abuse, critical race and whiteness studies, and technology and culture. She has a natural tendency toward paranoia and distrust. 

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Cruising Cam Specialist: Miles Kenyon

Miles is a MA student at Carleton University, studying how queer communities discuss surveillance in the context of casual sexual encounters. He reads tarot, pets dogs, and fantasizes about being stranded on a desert island.

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Rural Cam Specialist: STÉFY

STÉFY is a white settler, queer (femme of centre) artist-scholar based in Katarokwi/Kingston. Their work explores surveillance as a contemporary form of colonialism in Canada post-9/11 through the methodology of research-creation. STÉFY is interested in the ways that citizens use surveillance cameras in rural and forested areas, white fear of terrorism, and function-creep as a creative method of producing knowledges. STÉFY likes (loves) true-love, beaches, shinny objects, spaghetti, and nature. STÉFY dislikes mushrooms, scratchy textures, car rides (that make her nauseous), and has a fear of aliens. 

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Dispatcher: Charlie

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