“For the Messy Ones: The Sweetness of Living Free and Other Impossible Paradises”, Talk and Q&A with Erica Violet Lee

Wednesday, April 13th 2022 at 3:00pm - 4:30pm

For accessibility needs pertaining this event, please email Stéfy at stefy.mcknight@carleton.ca


Description of Talk: 


The embrace of imperfection is a saving grace in a world that restricts our lives, materially and spiritually. To be a “messy” person is to be someone unworthy of respect or recognition, even as putting oneself at risk of harm and death. Deeply entangled with the queer, the femme, and the feminine, messiness becomes a marker of undesirability that can potentially make us free. In doing away with ideas of utopia and moving toward a more chaotic understanding of life and the universe, we break through barricades toward all we have been taught to imagine as beyond possibility.


The talk will be moderated by Cam Hunters (Drs. Julia Chan and Stéfy McKnight) remotely at Carleton University. 


This event and screening will be done remotely using Zoom. 


Registration is FREE but limited. This event is open to the public but priority will be given to students, staff and faculty at Carleton University. 


About Erica Violet Lee: 

Erica Violet Lee is a Cree poet. Her debut book on Indigenous joy, freedom, and adventure will be released in Spring 2023. 



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