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Surveillance & Pleasure Speaker Series: Pleasure-seeking in Pandemic End Times with Ronak K. Kapadia
Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario 
Wednesday, August 24th 2022

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Surveillance & Pleasure Speaker Series: Erica Violet Lee talk & Q&A “For the Messy Ones: The Sweetness of Living Free and Other Impossible Paradises”.
Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario 
Wednesday, April 13th 2022


Surveillance & Pleasure Speaker Series:  "Last Night at the Strip Club" (2020) screening and artist talk with Nicole Bazuin and Andrea Werhun
Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario 
Thursday, September 30th 2021


Workshop: Research-Creation as a Methodology for Research
Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario 
March 22nd 2021

Led by the performance duo Cam Hunters, featuring Drs. Stéfy McKnight and Julia Chan, this workshop examines the use of research-creation as a methodology for research production, specifically in surveillance and media studies. The FPA Research Series features special events, conferences, lectures, panel discussions and workshops throughout the academic year that celebrate the diversity of research produced in the Faculty of Public Affairs. For more information about the Faculty of Public Affairs, visit

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