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Pilot Episode

Vigilance is the New Black

Julia and STÉFY introduce themselves and give a brief introduction into the performative world of Cam Hunters. They define surveillance and introduce their new unsettling theory of “disruptive exhibitionism.”

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Episode 1

COVID-19: Life on Camera

Julia and STÉFY dive into the world of camming and consent during COVID-19. Julia looks at the ways survivors of digital abuse cope while being required to be on camera for employment and social purposes. STÉFY speaks about the connections between sex work and the economy, especially “camming” and cam girls during the pandemic. 

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Episode 2

Too Naked to Handle

STÉFY and Julia do what all great surveillance scholars do: talk about sex, nudity, and surveillance on reality television. STÉFY speaks passionately about how Naked Attraction has changed her life, and the critique the show has faced because of its sexual content and nudity. For Julia, surveillance gets Too Hot to Handle when she explains the pervasive use of surveillance technologies in this Netflix series. 

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Episode 3

"Check the lamps!"

STÉFY and Julia go back to where the idea of Cam Hunters started - cameras in Airbnbs. STÉFY shares a couple stories of clients finding hidden cameras in their Airbnb.  Julia gets super creepy when she talks about a crowdfunded surveillance lamp that will no doubt find its way into rental properties.

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Episode 4

Pleasuring Yourself with Data

Julia and STÉFY reveal some of the ways that consumers use surveillance tools for their own self-pleasure and indulgence. Julia explores the sexy/scary world of internet-connected sex toys, while STÉFY gives you some beauty tips after testing a new face-cleansing tool.

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Episode 5

Capturing/Collecting the Cute and Cuddly

In this episode the Cam Hunters talk about society's obsession with watching and photographing animals. Julia speaks about her experiences playing Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector and our interest in photographing cute and cuddly animals, while STÉFY blinds Julia with science and explains the ways that animals have inspired contemporary surveillance technologies and drones.

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Episode 6

Surveilling the Unknown

Can surveillance confirm the existence of the ghostly or the alien? STÉFY and Julia investigate. Special appearance by Tux the Bostie!

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Episode 7


This week the Cam Hunters are joined by Queen's University PhD student Rohit Revi. Rohit discusses the history of paranoia and delves into the political and cultural implications of paranoia on conspiracies and social control.

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Episode 8

Season Finale: Creepy Stories

For the season finale of Cam Hunters: The Podcast, Julia and STÉFY share a series of creepy stories with their listeners.

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